In this class, I aimed to keep exploring and working on the project I initiated last semester. The conclusion that I drew out of that first attempt is the obvious duality between the objective science and subjective feelings.

Previous work1-1.jpg Previous work2-1.jpg Previous work3-1.jpg Previous work4-1.jpg

But this duality quickly appeared as integral as necessary. I decided then to focus my research on the conceptual bridge that would connect this two entities Parallay, I engaged the process of ethnicity analysis through DNA sample. 1.1.jpg 1.2.jpg

I signed up for MyHeritage online company. My previous researches provided me a solid background in that matter, which allows me to suspect the very unprofessional and speculative work of those companies. I was curious to know and confront my personal knowledge with the work of this company, leader in that market. MyHeritage.jpg MyHeritage2.jpg

Once I ordered my kit, I received the package couple of days later. My first impression regarding this is the fact that the marketing part is going over the scientific professionalism. It is absolutely well designed, with nice colors and graphics.

I resolved then to articulate my thoughts through an installation, which will highlight the connection between science and personal feelings. The installation consisted of two videos, one from an old CRT TV and one coming from a video projector. The latter video (coming from the video projector) is projected on the TV screen, itself playing on a video; creating thus a sculptural effect. The old TV takes place as a metaphor for my own representation, while the design video projector stands for my researches and knowledge.