Title (alt): Kultursatelliten
Lecturer(s): Michael Markert
Credits/SWS[[SWS|Semesterwochenstunden]]: 18 ECTS, 12 SWS
Maximum Number of Participants: 20
Course Language: English
Course Reading Schedule: [1]
Venue: Marienstraße 7b, R105
First meeting: to be announced

  • Tuesdays, 11:00 to ~18:30 h
  • Wednesdays for 'individual' 30 min consultations


Description (EN)

There will be a cooperation between our course and the Klassik Stiftung Weimar. The main project will be closely related to the new "Thüringer Kulturportale", which is a touristic information portal located in Weimar and Eisenach and should provide informations about satellite places that are connected to the main hubs. We want to work on ideas for digital mobile projects that lead to and from the satellites to the main hub. We intend to showcase the most successful concepts and ideas during a temporary exhibition at the New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar.

We will also have a chance to have workshops with the agency that will develop the "Thüringer Kulturportal" as well as gain an insight of the Klassik Stiftung that works on new and innovative forms of informing about the cultural and historical heritage using interactive and participatory forms of engagement. Some excursions are planned to look at other forms of digital and artistic presentations, for example a new interactive audio guide in Dresden.

Registration procedure / Anmeldung

To apply for the course, please send an E-Mail along with your previous work of field and a short statement of your motivation (why you want to be in this course) to michael (dot) markert (ät) uni-weimar (dot) de.

Evaluation / Geforderte Prüfungsleistung zur Erlangung eines Leistungsnachweises

  1. Active participation (no more than two missed classes!)
  2. At least two individual consultations
  3. Midterm assignment (required, even though the midterm grade is just for your information)
  4. Presentation at the end of the lecture period, this includes presentations and a potential final exhibition
  5. Final assignment at the end of the semester including documentation: Artistic examination (see Examination Regulations!)
  6. Uploading your work in progress in our project collaboration tool, respecting deadlines

Eligible participants / Zielgruppe

Master students enrolled in the Faculties of Art and Design, Architecture, Media,