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Your final grade will depend 60% on your documentation and 40% of your presentation.


The final presentations will be on 9th February, 9:15 am, in our seminar room. Please prepare a 5min talk and 5min for Q&A. Include a description of your work and aspirations or goals of your projects. Think of the environment where people encounter your work and sketch an interaction. What is the purpose of your work? Please include a section about related work and how your idea differs! Don't forget to cite your sources!


The documentation should include sketches or pictures of your projects along with a written description of your idea development process. The documentation is due on the by 31st of March and should meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 800 words and should contain:
  • an introduction (intention, initial idea)
  • a description of the environment where people encounter your work and how they interact
  • related work: If you designed an interface please compare it to at least another interface that serves a similar purpose. For artistic works, please provide a description of related work that might have inspired you.
  • a documentation of the process (photos or video, sketches, circuit layouts,
  • a description of how you tried to realize your idea and the methods you used, as well as the problems you ran into),
  • a conclusion (were you able to realize your initial idea? if not, why not? what would be your next step?).
  • Spell checked and proof read.
  • A list of references. You can choose the form you like, but it must contain the following information:
    • For print: Author, title, year, publisher
    • For web: Author, title, link, date of access (look here for guidelines)
    • Scientific papers: Authors, title, date & place of publishing
    • Add a description for video links

If you copy parts of text from a website, scientific paper, or a book, always make sure that you mark it as a quotation and cite the author!