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Dipl.-Ing. Jan M. Sieber

Building Blocks:

dive into interactive electronics with DIY electronic bricks Fundamentals of electronics for artists, interface and product designers.

Set up your own electronics lab and start experimenting with self designed building blocks for interactive electronics.

In our virtual prototyping atelier we will

  • check out experimental kits from the past to nowadays
  • think about a set for the future
  • learn about basic electronic components, sensors, actors, and tools
  • follow the way from simple learnings kits to complex modular systems
  • design and create our own kits, concepts, prototypes
  • find out how we can scale blocks in size and complexity
  • build functional bricks with communication abilities
  • connect our blocks to microcontrollers, computers, mobile devices
  • spend a lot of time to set up a super complex interactive environment with genious interface prototype modules just to blow it up in the end.

video [1]

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