We Make Machines Not Art II

Lecturer: Darsha Hewitt
Credits: 6 ECTS, 4 SWS
Date: Donnerstag, 13:30 bis 16:45
Venue: Marienstraße 5, Room 201
First meeting: Donnerstag, 15 Oktober 2014, um 13:30 Uhr

This is an advanced course in Do-It-Yourself Electronics for students who have successfully completed "We Make Machines Not Art I" ("formerly Machines of Perception"). It builds on techniques and concepts from the previous course and focuses specifically on sound, electromechanics and fabrication techniques. This course proposes an approach to art-making where concepts and aesthetics emerge through a bottom up approach to the electronic medium and looks at how this methodology resonates with broader themes in individual practices.

This course is structured for students that are committed to independent research; open to collaborative exchange and receptive to mentorship. Along with the creation of artwork and the completion of weekly assignments, students must read and discuss pertinent texts and develop methodical portfolio documentation.

IMPORTANT • Late arrival and absence are taken very seriously in this course • Mandatory course kit: 30 euros • The language of instruction is English • Students must indicate their interest via email (darsha.hewitt@uni-weimar.de) by October 4th, 2014. On October 13th, students must attend a meeting with the instructor to assess if the course and current study goals align.