The "Hard Reset"

The Hard Reset Is a story about our world being split apart by the lackluster actions to prevent the earth destruction, of people in power.


With my futuristic scenario I wanted to focus more on the question of how the earths environmental health would be dealt with in the future. Fueled by the Capitalisms mass production and consumption we humans have polluted and destroyed the environment for such a long time and will continue with these actions. For my project I created a dystopia in which the leaders of the most powerful countries of the world came together to create “The New Union” and act out a plan to deal with the untouched problem of climate change and environmental destruction. The plan is called “The Hard Reset”. 30 years from now most of the citizen of every country participating in “The Hard Reset” are made to sleep cryo-tubes for 100 years. The bodies of the people are frozen in time while the citizens of the countries not participating the “The Hard Reset” keep on living and aging normally. Not every person of participating countries gets to sleep for the full 100 years. The cryo-tubes still have to be powered with electricity, so that the workers of powerplants have to stay awake. But not only them. Soldiers also need to stay awake to guard the boarders to the countries not participating.

Presentation displaying more information about my scenario and my ideas for the project:

File:The Hard Reset.pdf

The reader of story witnesses “The Hard Reset” directly from the view of a single father who works at a nuclear power plant. The father writes down his experiences while he is awake, addressing them to his young child. Throughout the written reports I created some illustrations that depicts two siblings. An older sister and her younger brother. These two live in a country that is not participating in the “The Hard Reset”. Very close to the boarder of participating country the father lives in. They come to the wall to spray paint on it and express their feeling over the new situation they are in. Over the course of the story the sibling age and develop their views of the world.

Fist Character concept:

Characters concept.jpg

The entire scenario of my dystopian future is based to capitalisms worst traits but mostly on the political model of Ecofascism, in which a totalitarian government requires an individual to sacrifice their own interests to the "organic whole of nature". Ecofascism also refers to a government which might resort to fascist policies in order to deal with environmental issues. Instead of caring for the whole world’s environment the leaders and governments that come together to create “The New Union”, only apply their plan to environment contained inside of their states, based on their prejudices.

Final Project: File:The Hard Reset (final version).pdf