I'm doing my second bachelor in visual communication. My first was in polymer engineering , also I'm having a quite interesting academic journey. I come from Iran and it's my second semester in VC and in Germnay - Mentioning it because my background has had its part on shaping my worldview and my beliefs.

for many years I'd been apolitical, even though I come from a country where you just can't ignore politics. Politic and religion are highly connected in Iran and maybe that's why I was happy ignoring them both. Only now I know it was mainly because I was privileged enough (well, you know, with our standards. I was still a women living in Iran which is kinda fucked up) to afford not learning and selfish enough not to care. So I started relatively late to explore different ideas, different worldviews and really seeing everything that is wrong in my county and the world outside of it.

i don't like using labels.. but if you push me i'd say i'm anti capitalist and anti fascist.

In this class I'm mainly concentrating on learning about Anarchism and Anarcha-feminist.

Sources and inspirations so far:

Errico Malatesta - At the Cafe

Alexander Berkman - What Is Communist Anarchism?

https://www.youtube.com/user/anarchopac/videos (Anarcopac makes amazing and in depths videoes about anarchism and marxism theory and doing her phd on anarchism history.)

Anarchism and Feminism: