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Behance Portfolio


Sound Drawings

Both drawings reflect where I spend most of my time, the kitchen. I love cooking and to eat. The exploration of sound through visual manifestations was at first hard but I found the movement of the line helpful to explain or translate the sounds I was experiencing.

Visual Sound #1 is my first approach to the task of drawing sound and it developed as a timeline where each section corresponds to a particular sound I could distinguish or seemed interesting to me at the time. Using color, pressure, rhythm, and materials the differentiation between the sounds is evident. The drawing represents a particular time in the space analyzing sounds and expressing them in a visual form.

Visual Sound #2 is a recompilation of the time spent in the space, the composition shows similarities but now sounds are not intended to be alone but to show how they interact and make a global environment. Minimizing materials, simplifying the composition and using a global view of the space help with the realization of the drawing.

Loud Speakers

With the exploration of the way a basic speaker works and the different circuits we learned in class this project started developing. Experimenting with the coil and how it can be changed but still remain its integrity to generate sound. Changing the membrane in witch the waves travel and resonate.

Inspired in the look of a flattened coil and on pre Hispanic art from Colombia and South America, the project looks for a way to make art speak and sing for its self. The piece is an exploration of the basic speaker using a magnet and a coil connected to an amplifier circuit. The viewer will interact with the piece making it sing.


Paper Speakers + Conductive fabrics [1]

Paper Speakers + Gold leaf as coil [2]

Papper Speakers + Cooper tape as coil [3]


Sound Walk

The concept of the sound walk started with the intrigue of differently abled persons, especially people that need hearing aids. With technology, people that have problems with hearing are able to use devices to hear. Since 1600’s people have been using devices to enhance hearing.

How does it feel to have a different perception of space and sound? We use our ears for collecting sounds, processing them, sending sound signs to your brain, and they also help us maintain balance. How would you feel if suddenly you could not hear? Probably you would have to adapt to your new condition and experience the world in a totally different way. By giving the participants earplugs they are obliged to perceive the space and sounds in a different way.

INSIDE / OUTSIDE: The walk started with some small instructions on how the earplugs where meant to be used. In the first attempt the choice of using two or one of the plugs was possible, also the decision of taking them off was up to each person. The walk was intended for the exploration of inner space and outer space, including our own bodies as inner space.

Earplugs used
Route Map, Weimar

In the second attempt of the sound walk users where instructed to use both earplugs and remove them in certain locations.

1. (Earplugs) Inner part of the building, staircases.

2. (Earplugs) Busy street, a lot of outer sounds.

3. (Earplugs) Parking lot, almost no noise.

4. (No earplugs) Busy plaza, a lot of outer sounds and people.

5. (No earplugs) Busy plaza, listening to sounds of the Theater. It is intended to do walks when the Orquestra is rehearsing.

  • Walking back, using the same route the person can remain with out the earplugs to notice the difference from the first experience.