Exercise 1

A small experiment about Arduino & Processing :)
I divided the square into four parts, and set up a circle with freely variable position parameters in each part, and used LDR to control the size of the circle. I want to study what patterns it can form as the light changes.

Fei 1.png Fei 2.png Fei 3.png


Exercise 2

Interaction between man and nature;
File:Walk on the road.mp3
File:Walk on the Stone.mp3
File:Walk on the Wood Bridge.mp3
File:Walk through the grass.mp3

Interaction between tools and nature;
File:Bicycle and road.mp3
File:Truck and road.mp3

Different types of water sounds;
File:Water flow.mp3

Exercise 3

Digital Tilt Sensor
Video link: https://vimeo.com/551549381