Exercise 1

A small experiment about Arduino & Processing :)
I divided the square into four parts, and set up a circle with freely variable position parameters in each part, and used LDR to control the size of the circle. I want to study what patterns it can form as the light changes.

Fei 1.png Fei 2.png Fei 3.png


Exercise 2

Interaction between man and nature;
File:Walk on the road.mp3
File:Walk on the Stone.mp3
File:Walk on the Wood Bridge.mp3
File:Walk through the grass.mp3

Interaction between tools and nature;
File:Bicycle and road.mp3
File:Truck and road.mp3

Different types of water sounds;
File:Water flow.mp3

Exercise 3

Digital Tilt Sensor
Video link: https://vimeo.com/551549381

Final Project
What can we hear if the ears are on the feet? The inspiration for this project came from previous park practices. I found that the park is made up of different sounds. When I walked on different grounds, I could hear different sounds, so I recorded these sounds. When the microphone is close to the ground, the sound of walking can be heard more clearly, which is different from the sound we usually hear

First Concept
People will produce different sounds when they walk on different undergrounds. I want to use the sound sensor to detect and distinguish these different sounds. But during the test, I found that It can only detect the value of the sound but cannot identify different sounds. Fei 4.jpg

Second Concept
I want to express the sound produced by the interaction between humans and nature in the form of images, so that people can intuitively see the changes in the sound produced when walking.

Plan 1
Fei 14.png

- The graphic size is a bit small
- The generated patterns are irregular
- Can't collect sound well, easy to be disturbed by the outside world

Plan 2
I chose four scenes in Ilm Park, grass, gravel road, wooden bridge and flowing water. The colors representing the four scenes were selected separately, so that people can better feel the different sounds.
Fei 10.png Fei 11.png

Fei 12.png Fei 13.png