The Death of a Moth by Vrigina Woolf

The essay is about an afternoon in which Virginia was watching a Moth trapped in a window-pane, with no escape. At the beginning she talks about how a moth is not as gracious as a butterfly nor as somber as some other moths that prefer to go out at night. The moth in particular is enjoying its flight in the afternoon, in the sun light though it is about to be gone. At the end, I understand, she deserves to die for the night is coming.


The original idea was to release a moth and a human being in a squared room. Both were going to be tracked and the human was going to be followed by light. I wanted to play with the fear induced by the moth to the human and so that the human would be in the position of the moth, having that feeling of being trapped.

The essay basically speaks about a moth trapped in a window. Since in the lab we are working with movement and we cannot record or track the moth yet


- Light and darkness, shadows in between.

- Natural surveillance.

- Life and death.

- Fear.

- The movement of the moth could be appreciated.

- A continuos dancing between both subjects.


  • 2 hours to record.
  • Clip Micrphone
  • Printed Essay
  • Essay Timed