"Car chase" by Konrad Behr

„Car chase“ is a Super Cut of footage of Police pursuits broadcast by US-American television stations. The editing is based on search words and phrases of the original live comments of the helicopter pilots and news reporters at the studio. To make the workflow more efficient I used the automatic subtitle function the YouTube footage. Scanning for search terms like “dangerous”, “you see ...” and emotional reactions like “Wow” or “Ohh” of the commentators presorted the material. To lead the viewers focus in to the material I organized the editing starting from silent watching to a peak of accidents back to the top view.

The video shows the morally questionable live description between "Attention, there is danger there" to "We'll stay on until the end". The high probability of a violent end of the chase combined with the hint "viewer description is advised" and the expectant reactions of news reporters in case of a "close call" produces a dubious media event.

my work process:

  1. YouTube research for car chase videos.

Car chase screenshot youtube.png

  1. Download YouTube video file using command tool youtube-dl
  2. extract srt subtitle file using web service downsub downsub.com
  3. Importing video file and srt file using DAWDigital audio workstation – combination of hardware and software to create music and sound digitally reaper and Reaper extension software package SWS[[SWS|Semesterwochenstunden]] sws-extension.org
  4. Filter timeline regions after keywords (e.g. “dangerous”) using filter function of Reaper
  5. Select IN and OUT points of wanted phrase or word as Region and mark them
  6. Export filtered marked sections as mp4 video with useful names (all files with “dangerous” as ‘dangerous_[regionnumber].mp4’
  7. Import all the new created clips into video editing software edius.de
  8. combine clips with certain keywords randomly or after visual aesthetically or word content
  9. render final video as master file