For the ant species Lasius Niger [1] the following things are necessary to take care for them:

  • The Nest should be separated from the other environment (the arena)
  • The Material can be plastic, stone or sand, but there should be a humidity gradient. The overall humidity should be around 50-60% and roomtemperature is sufficient
  • (some people use red foil for the nest to simulate darkness, because most insects can not see red color. Lasius Niger are pretty blind anyways)

Examples of Nests:

What needs to be bought/found/acquired in the course of making this?

What needs to be built/programmed/grown/written?

Is there anything likely to go wrong? What can we do about this in case of unexpected difficulties? Time

How can I tell this part is finished? When they live.

How long will this take? (Workdays/Weeks)