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[[File:Mikroplastik Produkte Übersicht .jpg|400px]]
[[File:Mikroplastik Produkte Übersicht .jpg|400px]]
[[File:Pelly.jpg|left|thumb|Caption for the Image]]

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Find the unseen, something about trash and what happens when we try to wash bodies & clothes

First three Ideas

Vegetable grown in Microplastic Soil and/ or Water (Is hydroponic the answer or the origin of the problem? )

Animal-Cell ( NO (CELL) WALLS) grown – what happens if we grow a normal animal cell under the worst microplastic condition? There is proof that mussles include microplastic in their vacuoles, which caused growth stopp and probable infertility.

Virtual Reality – what is it like to be a water flea/ euglena/ tardigrada (Bärentierchen/ multicellular, supersmall and transparent ) in a piece of river with microplastics and nanoplastics.

Only believe in what you are able to see

According to "" ( List of products sold in germany that contain evidently microplastics ) I searched in my environment for (cosmetic) products.

Out of all products I found 30 from brands that use microplastics

Mikroplastik Produkte Übersicht .jpg