An Interactive Game of Creating Bauhaus Image by Motion Capture



We initially inspired by Tetris, hope to design an interesting interactive game can join the movement of people and their reaction ability and cooperation ability. At the same time, we want not only to create a picture, but also can add some unique style elements. So basic elements we designated as the Bauhaus style graphics.



Overall, this is an interactive game for one or two participants using motion capture system. Use graphic of Bauhaus style as the basic element. Facing the graphics and colors fell off with random, participants need to move their position and do some specific actions to change path of elements, finally to create their own Bauhaus's paintings. To be more specific, graphics and color piece displayed at the top of the screen, and drop in turn in a certain speed. Participant 1 can control the element`s moving direction through the body`s moving on horizontal displacement,adjust the rotation angle of the elements through the swing arm, until the elements fall off on the ground or touch the top edge of existing elements, ultimately determine its position. Participant 2 can switch dropping color of element and decide which graphic will be colored through specific gestures or sound, also control the color`s position through the horizontal movement.



In addition, graphics and color piece is random, also can't be delayed. The participants need to focus and deal with every drop of the element. It has significance on the creation of the people under stress. In a limited time, the participants need to complete the brain conception quickly and try to balance their physically fit, which is a challenge. Finally, this interactive games will let players experience challenging, designing and entertaining, meanwhile they can harvest the creations belongs himself\herself and their partner, have a good memories with Bauhaus mark.