• Day 1: Farming of new specimen in Petri box. Polycephalum/physarum with sleeping specimens. The food 3 leaflets are positioned close to the specimens but not so closed in order for them to try to search the food. After the first night, they started to grow.


  • Day 2: The specimens grow up in the darkness with a temperature of 20°C. They grew in the direction of two of the leaflets/the food, and are spreading around the Petri box.


  • Day 4: The specimens that growth around the first two leaflets turns white, and the ones in the third leaf are yellow and growing.


  • Day 5: There's a yellow line connecting the three places where the food was placed, around the food is appearing a white line, it could be that this Petri box is contaminated.


  • Day 6: Inside the Petri box is a concentration of the Polycephalum is in one side of the Petri-box, the growing specimen still have the white color. I'm waiting to see if they will turn yellow.


  • Day 7: My theory that the white specimen could turn yellow was wrong, this is just the trace of how the Polycephalum/physarum grew. The living specimen move to one corner of the Petri box, maybe running away from some contamination and is now in a sleeping state. The sample is moved to a new Petri box, inside new food/leaflets is placed in order to try to make them stay in a living/awake state again.


  • Day 8: The completed transferred sample started to grow up, it seems healthy.


  • Day 9: The completed transferred sample still grow up.


  • Day 11: After two more days the specimen grow healthy and is invading the Petri box.


  • Day 14: The specimen is moving to one side of the Petri-Box and is trying to climb in order to find food.

Bio-02b9.png Bio-02b10.png

  • Day 15: The Petri box is open in order to see the current state of Polycephalum/physarum. The specimen is concentrating again in one said of the Petry-box. At the moment there is no contamination of other specimens.


Bio-02b15.png Bio-02b16.png Bio-02b17.png Bio-02b18.png

  • CONCLUSIONS: After making this experiment I learned how to cultivate Polycephalum/physarum, and also I learned how it behaves when there is no food around, in the way that it starts to get into a hibernation state.