It’s a virtual world filled with questions and being questioned by viewers themselves, being doubted and to reveal the truth through the whole experience of falling down from the first layer to the last one in a hierarchical structured world.

I purposely lead viewers in this environment, to a basic question “are you innocent for bad things, happening everyday around you in this world? We are always informed, by a mix of lies and truth. We even beautify things because of human nature and prefer to trust another better version we can digest or want to see.” These are the ideas I have while building the first and the second layer. The concept of the last layer is to let viewers come closer to the core truth. I actually wanted to convey a difference between “ being informed” and “having it to face it themselves”. No one is innocent for anything. Apocalypse won't happen all of a sudden. This happens because we choose not to believe in it.

In the video above, I animated the movements of the camera and the objects so it will be easier to show the environment in a relative beautiful and simple way. A brief description of the three layers:

-----> 1st Layer [Information. where information will be delivered] Enter the scene >>> fall down to the first layer [a City with buildings] >>> "floating around" and have a overlook of this place >>> the viewers pass by a screen wall [Information] >>> bricks start falling down >>> the City collapses

-----> Falling down to the 2nd Layer [Doubt. where informations will be digested and people might start doubting themselves and the truths behind]

falling down to the 2nd layer [organic formed + Cyberspace] >>> again, floating around a bit to have a brief overview of this layer>>> floating down to the inside of the construction. >>> the screen shows again and then floats down and disappears

-----> 3rd Layer [Facing the Truth] before approaching the 3rd layer, viewers will first meet a human model, floating in the air. >>> the model explodes into pieces and falling down to the ground >>> viewers finally reach the ground >>> surrounded by broken pieces of human models.

But the original plan for the result should be: to make the viewers more like a visitor in this environments and it should be an environment, where visitors can discover and do of their own free will. Brief explanation of how it should work in this Scene in Unity. The Original plan is, all the screens are like triggers for entering to the next layer. Once the visitors come closer the Screen, as what has been shown in the video “come closer”, the trigger cubes are placed in front of the screens, so when it’s approached, the ground will move right a way.

Goals in this class I want to achieve:

1. To create a more completed and complex environment, where more possibilities can be made, visual effects, sound and interactive feedbacks to viewers

2. A clearer Idea/ information can be delivered in this artificial world 3. To create more interactive animations by using game objects and scripts 4. to try out lighting, textures and develop the style for the Environment.


Models are made inside 3D Blender(2.80) Skybox as Background - Free Skybox Volume 2 (Nebula) from Unity Store [[1]]

Procedural fire [[2]]

GamePlay Recording- Free Asset "NextGenRecorder" from Unity Store [[3]]

Sounds used in the post production:

more Images of work process: