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The life of a GOOGLEBOT is harsh. He crawls 24/7 through code he doesn't even understand and loads the stuff somewhere he doesn't even know either. Just sitting there watching, transmitting, waiting for changes, looking for the next path to somewhere, for something. So, one day - to make his job a little bit more bearable - he starts to imagining things:

The MOUNTAIN VIEW CONTROL CENTER is a simple, abstract Software/App based on pixel connectivity and flood fill.

On randomly distributed screens you can flourish your very own digital habitat of pixels - ranging from an astrobiological brood to a landscape composition which will magically look familiar.

mechanics = technics

    gravity - things fall downwards and fill upwards
    mountains - diagonal filling
    water/sea/oceans/buildings(?) - horizontal filling
    void/destructor - random filling

Following the principle of a sinewave, there is a constant creation of valleys and peaks. Fillings behave in a natural way due to the actual definition of its borders - which are either the background/foreground or another filling algorithm - and their own tracking cycle. The shifting synchronization and the speed of the algorithms help your mind to constantly look for newly built abstract attractors. Also, the destructive erasing works downwards and reshapes the environment.



It is a problem for us to accept the unfinished. With the project i want to straighten out that bias is the only "mistake" when actually checking on dysfunctionality. One or two shapes alone might look wrong but another shape has the CHANCE to change our fragile perspective/perception/imagination and turn it into reason or reevaluation.

Inspiration taken by early pc and sandbox games, NASA control centers and homeworks for the course.

You can fetch and manipulate the most recent version for Processing and Android on