walk of the unknown touch


to capture the moment when recipients overcome the fear - entering unknown water and getting in touch with Water-lentils (focusing on different species of Wolffia, Wolffiella and Lemmna). They have great sustainable benefits for nature and can grow invasively. They are edible (Lemmna is even on the Novel food Regulation) and can make the water more clean.


An interactive Instillation with two spaces - (space#1 and space #2).

space#1 - the interaction

Photo 2021-12-22 19-40-19.jpg

A space flooded with water - covered by water lentils. Participants are influenced by an "audio-guide" (A soundsystem placed in different parts of the space motivating the recipients to come inside and interact). Water-lentils are floating on the water - covering the complete surface making the space look like a huge green floating carpet. space#1 is mostly lit by Neon-Light or LEDLight-emitting diode-Lights illuminating the water-lentils from underneath - the light is partly shining through the surface. fear and curiosity.

"What is hiding underneath the surface?"

"How deep is the space?"

space#2 - lab and research-overview

exhibiting macro photography and microscopy c-prints of the growth of the water lentil. A movie of the origin / the collecting process, a publication of notes on the lentils + lentils in test tubes give the recipient insight on the growing process and the possibility to get familiar with this plant.


In my work I analyze water lentils. Continuing my work from this summer, where stumbled upon wolffia arrizah. This fascination back then, led to an Installation performance. Since then my curiosity has only increased...

Back in Weimar I found out that the lentil, wolffia doesn't grow in the area, so I started to focus on Lemna. Here I am now collecting water-lentils, different specious from the scientist near by in Jena - Dr. Prf. Appenroth a plant physiologist with one of the biggest collections of water lentils .

While I try to keep them alive, I document the process, trying to find out how nature changes its structures and colors. Some continue to grow, others start to die out. Through the microscope I got a closer view at the Biolab in Weimar.

Being in Exchange with Prf. Appenroth i am continuing my research... Collecting information for the audio guide and the publication.

For the audio in space#1 I did some recordings of water: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518007642/wassermalspiel

For the event I still need to do the following:

- more research

- find an exhibition-space which i can flood with water

- collect and grow more water-lentils