GMU:Being a Unicellular Organism/Joshua Goodman

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walk of the unknown touch

motivation: I want to capture the moment when one overcomes the fear of entering unknown water / getting in touch with nature.

overview: An interactive Instillation with two phases – Through the path of self-awareness into the discovery and microcosm of waterlentils (especially Wolffia and Lemna aka duckweed) and there territory. Taken through a mysterious “guided” Audio-Walk. Making the way into the unknown tangible: between doubt and overcoming Play and adventure.

concept / implementation:

I) audio walk / installation A walk through a big dark space guided by a whispering voice. The space is lit by very little light which is surrounded by waterlentil “sculpures” or other containers in which the lentils can swim in. Soundsystems are placed in different parts of the space bringing the recipients attraction from a lit place to another. On their journey through the installation big shadows will give a mysterious atmosphere.

At one point of the Audio-Walk stops and the participants see a bright light coming form a “space”

II) room of touch (taste) - a space of interaction - touching the duckweed (touch and interaction) A space where people can observe (also through light projection), touch and feel the water lentils in light coming from underneath. Projection on the ceiling of the lentils.. beeing able to be fed some participants may taste the lentil.


In my work I analyzed the water lentil - Wolffia. Continuing my work from this summer, where I did an Installation performance working with wolffia arrizah.

Back in Weimar I found out that the lentil, wolffia doesn't grow in the area, so I started to focus on Lemna. After Here I am now collecting water-lentils, different specious from all over the world. I got them throw the scientist Dr. Prf. Appenroth.

While I tried to keep them alive, I document the process, trying to find out how nature changes its structures and colors. Some continue to grow, others start to die out. Through the microscope I got a closer view at the Biolab in Weimar.

During my research I found out that Water lentils are the super plant for tomorrow. They are edible (Lemmna is even on the NFR Novel food Regulation) and can make the water more clean. They can even be a Energy source)

I tried to give them a nice atmosphere through self organized jam sessions. Taking a closer look through the Polilux.