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The Street Lamp

I started out with the idea to build a drone generator / noise machine that would be able to do real time audio processing. To do this I needed to learn how to make a tape looper / sampler.


The way to capture audio and creating arrays was familiar to the granular synthesis tutorial in the class. I tried making a patch from scratch. I wanted to add a randomizer to the patch with some chord progressions.


The next idea was making an audio processor with the use of the piezo microphones. The tutorials with Philipp helped me a lot while editing the one of the help patches (pitch shifter). The outcome was interesting and quite dirty.


To be able to demonstrate the Pd patch and how it works with the audio interface we made during the class I decided to make an “instrument” out of the objects lying around in our flat. I unscrewed out the inner layer of an old street lamp, it seemed like it would be good for the contact mics and would add to the grittiness of the patch.


I added materials to the “instrument” to be able to have different sounds and to make it “playable”. It ended up being a percussive instrument. The inner layer of the street lamp had an interesting and playful surface.