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*[[GMU:Artists Lab:Sarah Hermanutz|Sarah Hermanutz]]
*[[GMU:Artists Lab:Sarah Hermanutz|Sarah Hermanutz]]
*[[GMU:Artists Lab:Xiaomei Xie|Xiaomei Xie]]
*[[GMU:Artists Lab:Xiaomei Xie|Xiaomei Xie]]
*[[GMU:Artists Lab:Marie Ebel]]
*[[GMU:Artists Lab:Marie Ebel|Marie Ebel]]
[[Category:Ursula Damm]]
[[Category:Ursula Damm]]

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Artists Lab WSWintersemester - winter semester 17/18


If you want to take part please apply with the normal application procedure of our faculty and let me know that you want to join our class: ursula.damm [at] uni-weimar.de
For prospective students we are avaliable for consultations on Tuesday 10.10. from 13.30 to 15.30 at the Marienstrasse 5, room 304 (3rd floor)
Location: Room 204, Marienstrasse 7b
First Meeting: Tuesday 17.10.2017, 13:30
Regular meetings: Tuesday 13:15 to 16:30
Participation at the Presentation on Media Art Tuesday, 05.30 pm Uhr at room 204, Marienstrasse 7b is mandatory


The artist's lab is a project module for students who wish to work on their own topics accompanied by intensive discussion on contemporary artistic approaches in art, media, posthumanism, interactivity, technology and matter. We expect you to have your own artistic agenda and want to support with knowledge, technology and discourse. GMUGestaltung medialer Umgebungen offers access to our labs (Performance Platform and DIY Biolab) to develop ideas in suitable environments. If you are interest to work with interactivity or in working with the Performance Platform you should already have taken part at werkmodules or fachmodules in programming and/or electronics. Furthermore you should take our werk- and fachmodules during the semester accompanying the project (->). You might find out that a project with people tracking can take two semesters. If you are interested in working with our DIY Biolab, please choose the relevant fachmodules from my co-workers. The module expects you to be self-motivated and self-organized. It offers a culture of discussion. Part of the module is a lecture on media art which will be announced separately. People from other study programs are also very welcome, just be aware that we do not offer strong guidance.

Das Projekt bietet eine Zusammenkunft für künstlerische, studentische Vorhaben, die selbstorganisiert und engagiert sind. Die individuelle Betreuung steht im Vordergrund. Deshalb ist die aktive Beteiligung und Darstellung der Interessen und Werke unabdingbar. Für den Erwerb der technischen Voraussetzungen ist der Besuch der Fachmodule der Professur dringend empfohlen.

Lecture on Media Art on Tuesdays, 05.30 pm, room 204

  •  : Interactive Art 1 (Robots, Breitenberg)
  •  : Interactive Art 2 (Artists…)
  •  : EAT
  •  : Algorithms
  •  : Digital Image (Rutt Etra...)
  •  : Image to Sound 1
  •  : Media Performance
  •  : Artificial Life 
  •  : Joe Davis + early Bioart
  •  : Bioart 1
  •  : Bioart 2
  •  : Agents and Networks


  • please insert a date for your presentation