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[[File:Crossing section in situ.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Crossing section in situ.jpg|300px]]
[[File:Crossing section of the installation.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Crossing section of the installation.jpg|300px]]
[[File:Screen playing on the experiment.jpg|200px]]
[[File:Screen playing on the experiment.jpg|300px]]

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I grew up with the fantasy that I must have something exotic deep inside me. People frequently asked me about my relatives, and I started to believe that I somehow belong to another soil than my motherland. Having the chance to work in a DIY Biolab, I decided to pursue my intersect feelings and I attended to analyze my DNA sequences, with the secret hope of discovering my own ethnicity extent. But this never happened.

This project aims to present a critic of a certain scientific supremacy. Current DNA analyses, indeed, bring about an inaccurate truth and significant data are missing to determine one’s identity. Thus, although those five tubes provide my precise genetic code, they do not narrow down who I truly am. Culture, background, life-experiences, aspirations shape me as a person more accurately.



Crossing section in situ.jpg Crossing section of the installation.jpg Screen playing on the experiment.jpg