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First Attempt:

I came up with an idea to metaphorically compare sexual behavior between organisms to human sexual behavior especially with females. In order to project the idea that there is still negative judgement from society that put highly expectation on females more than other genders, especially when it comes to sex. The judgement does not only restrict the expression, behaviour and desire, but also affect directly to one's value and it's still going on.


After my presentations in Miga and Ursula classes, I’ve received a lot of constructive criticisms from Miga, Ursula and also from my friends especially Martin :) that questioned about the relevant of the sexual activities in organisms and in human beings.

The conceptual questions is: Even if there are proofs that other organisms can reproduce sexually, but do they have sex for pleasure like humans do?

The technical question is: What organisms can really represent my ideas? As I can’t observe all of them and I need to pick the most relevant and also related to the class.

Second Attempt:

Yes, the questions have affected the main part of the project. To portray the ideas that we all are “the products of nature” like other living organisms. Thus, the sexual activities of women that are currently being judged by the society should finally stop, and should also be normalised and understood as “nature” like how we look at the same activities on other genders.

The only way to make the idea sensible is to find the real connection between the living organisms and women sexual behavior. Then… I got a few ideas pop in to my head.

#1 The Irony

If the living organisms, by their natural rules, do sexual activity only for reproduction not for pleasure like humans do, so… women, by our society rules, can also only do sexual activity for reproduction too?”

#2 The Connection

Sex for pleasure, in other words, Sexual Desire, can be compared to other desire activities of the organisms. So, do other organisms have their own desires to do anything? Yes, the desire for food! :)

With these 2 ideas together I finally came up with something more solid and related.

The conceptual

Women desires are limited by society and being judged by the different standard which against the nature of living freely. While other organisms are just living their life and express their desire without being concerned that their values might be judged by their nature. But what will happen if the living organisms are forced to control their desire in the controlling environment that stop them from perform some actions to achieve their desire goals?

The technical

To project the idea ironically, I will put the the slime mould into 2 experiments: one set on a few petri dishes that contain a partition which separate the slime mould from the food (oat flex). For the other set, I will put slime mould onto the normal petri dishes that they can naturally and freely search for their food.

Screen Shot 2564-11-26 at 09.29.14.png

I will document the movement by using time-lapse, stop motions, or photography, the goal is to observe the patterns between 2 sets of slime mould and how they perform to reach their food in different environments to project the thoughts of the DESIRE in the limited condition, like our society, and in their normal state of living in their nature ways.

The visual

I want to deliver the observation through photography, videography and interactive activity. The audience will enter a room that is divided into 2 sides: on the left is the observation results from the free desire activity and on the right will show the observation results from the controlling condition. Moreover, the middle I want to put an aquarium that contains milk that cover the whole base. On the base I will drop a few yellow liquid on randomly, then ask the audiences to scatter the oat flex around, the same action we do when we feed the slime mould. After that, I will give each audience a special q-tips (cotton buds) and ask everyone to dip it into the yellow liquid spots. The outcome is visually similar to the action of slime mould when they search for food. I want the audience to interactively feel the free desire and realise their power of choices to finally stop the inequality judgement.