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Get the iPhone SDK

  • Register at and download the iOS SDK including Xcode (> 4 GB!)
  • You don't need to register a full account, thus you do NOT need to pay the 99 $ / year!. The free account is fine
  • You don't need to purchase Xcode from the Mac AppStore. Xcode comes for free with the iOS SDK!

Xcode Setup

To test your apps on your (physical) iOS devices and not only in the simulator, you have to compile and sign your applications. You need to install certain certificates and provisioning profiles for this process.

With the latest Xcode3 and Xcode4 releases, compiling signed apps became a lot easier. If the IDE is set up right and Developer Certificates installed correctly, Xcode manages all required profiles automatically. You don't even have to set the App Identifier! Just follow the first steps (1 to 4) and you should be able to run your app on your iOS device:

  1. send your Name, E-mail and UDID to Michael (the UDID can be found under “ID” in Xcode → Windows → Organizer → Devices, if the device is connected - alternatively you can find it in iTunes, Overview page of your connected device, click on "Serial Number" and it shows the UDID - though you cannot copy and paste it)
  2. accept the invitation you receive
  3. login at the Apple Developer Program Center and follow the “How To” under ”Certificates” to generate your certificate and upload the generated .cert file
  4. once your certificate has been accepted, download the WWDR Intermediate Developer Certificate and add it to your keychain
  5. When you compile your project for the device, your app will be signed and can be uploaded to your device

For older Xcode versions you also have to follow these additional steps:

  1. download the “Summer Term Apps” Provisioning Profile and upload it to your device
  2. In your XCode Project, go to Target → YourApp → Show Info → Properties and replace "" with “de.uni-weimar”
  3. When you compile your project for the device, your app will be signed and can be uploaded to your device

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Diese Seite ist Teil des Werkmoduls iOS Development von Michael Markert für Interface Design / Fakultät Medien an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.