1-The Strong Spoons
These two spoons have been found in Switzerland. They belong to a famous Swiss Chemist Alfred Scheele who was working on strength of metals. He was really near to the result but unfortunately during one of his tests something went wrong and all his laboratory burned down and he also died. After this very big fire these two metal spoons were founded. The question of “How those spoons didn’t melt?” was never clarified by other scientists. Mr. Scheele has done what he wanted to do all his life but because of the fact every notes he has taken was burned, the world of science never learned how he made inference.

2-The Black Spoon
This is a spoon from 1421. Founded in Edirne, Turkey. It was the last object which been touched by Mehmet Çelebi who was the Sultan of Ottoman Empire at that time. He was poisoned by his enemies. He had his last sip of soup with this spoon and now it is completely black because of the strong poison. It has never been cleaned by any chemicals. Scientists still trying to find a chemical to clean this spoon and working on what was the poison which is impossible to clean.

3-The Big Spoon
This spoon has been found in Kazakhistan, 75 years ago. It was founded in a cave by an archelogist in Almaty. After a long search in scientific laboratories it has been proved that it was 200 years old. There was some traces of huge teeth on it. Lots of scientist has came together in Kazakhistan and a big discussion has been going on since then. It was impossible for a human being to have that big teeth. Some of them thought this was a game planned by politics. After years of research and documentation nothing solid has been found. Some politicians from Russia offered to transfer this mysterious piece to their country as it has the power of changing all the history of human being.

It is still a mystery whether people really had as big theeth as the marks on the spoon years and years ago, did monstrers really exist or who was living in a cave with a metal spoon.

4-Knife With a Symbol
This knife with a symbol on belongs to an American Politician. He has been killed with a gun when he is in a hotel room in Paris, alone. The symbol on it, belongs to a freemason organization which has been established in 1720 in Italy. Some writers and commentators says it is still an active organization and a lot of theory/events on the world organized by them. There is a big mystery with this knife, what is the connection between politics and this illegal organization.

5-Fork The Murderer
This sharp fork founded in a jail in Australia under a brick. The jail cell was empty for 56 years before this founded. When it founded there was a lot of dried blood which belongs to different DNA’s. It was a quite mystery for the new manager of the jail because the old manager was died 2 years ago and the documents of the jail burned 10 years ago after a fire started in the kitchen. It has been complicated subject for Australian dedectives to sort out how the fork came to the jail and who the murderer was.

6-Golden Knife
This different shaped knife has been made of gold. It has been found in a small village in Turkey. It was forcibly taken from the local people because they believed this was a unique object which proved the existance of God. There is a common phrase in Turkey says “God may it gold whatever you touch.” This is a grateful way of saying thank you. However, as the story goes on through generations in the village, one day just after this kind of pray by someone, a man came to touch his knife for his dinner and it turned into gold, which is scientificly impossible, this incident has forgotten after long debates. Moreover, it was impossible to persuade the local people, some of them still says there were witnesses to see it turning into gold.