Experimental Radio: Bauhaus.Listening.Workshop #1 Montevideo, 2023
Type: Workshop Degree Programme: Media Art and Design Professorship: Experimental Radio Advisors: Prof. Nathalie Singer, Florencia Gurci, Lefteris Krysalis

In the “BAUHAUS.LISTENING.WORKSHOPS” the various questions of listening and hearing in its diversity and transcultural interconnections are being explored in an artistic-performative process. How has radio influenced listening over the last 100 years? What listening practices and methods have different cultures developed? How does radio relate to power structures and colonial history?

From Bolivia in 1897 and the first established telecommunications to the nowadays community radios of the vibrant scene of Latin America; radio points out configurations of powers and resistances. This allows us to trace narratives throughout the political, social and cultural development of the region.

This project aims to create a space that allows participants from different places to share their experiences, challenges and tools for cooperative management. We would like to address the question of the responsibility for the cultural technique of listening and to develop new models for the acoustic media of the future. The Bauhaus.Listening.Workshops are part of the “Listening to the World — 100 Jahre Radio”, a project of excellence by the Goethe- Institut and co-funded through the project Neues Europäisches Bauhaus of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar in collaboration with Deutschlandfunk Kultur and Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW).

Participants: • Luis Alvarado Buh Records, Perú • Estefania Barnetche Colectivo Basura, Uruguay • August Black, University of Colorado, USA • Alejandra Carro Colectivo basura, Uruguay • Fátima González Donado Amazondas, Perú • Alejo Duque HK4ADJ, CK:\WEB & radiolibre.cc, Colombia • Zezé Fassmor, ZZ no TV, Perú-Argentina • Fernando Godoy, Radio Tsonami, Chile • Lukas Kühne, Director del Instituto de Música Facultad de Artes — UdelaR, Uruguay • Guely Morató Sonandes, Bolivia • Gabriela Munguía, Electrobiota, Argentina • Federíco Musso, Uruguay • Rodrigo Ríos Zunino, Radio Tsonami, Chile • Luciana Rizzo, Radio CASo, Argentina • Lourdes Silva, Uruguay • María Juliana Sotto Universidad Icesi, Noís Radio y Mutó, la radio, Colombia • Ana Laura López de la Torre, Uruguay • Stephanie Lòpez Noís, Radio y Mutó la radio, Colombia • Alfredo Thiermann, EPFL Lausanne, Chile • Pol Villasuso, Uruguay • Organización De Mujeres Originarias Aretede Y Radio La Voz Indigena, Argentina

Link: uni-weimar.de/de/kunst-und-gestaltung/professuren/experimentelles-radio/listening-to-the-world/bauhauslisteningworkshop-1-montevideo

Media Art and Design
Experimental Radio
Prof. Nathalie Singer
Florencia Gurci
Lefteris Krysalis