»Free your Painting!«

Inspiration Bauhaus!

Lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and... stop thinking! Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to ‘walk about’ into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, what more do you want? - Wassily Kandinsky

This Bauhaus- and Kandinsky-inspired course will confront paintings’ agency, palpability, perceptibility, physicality, materiality and reflexivity. We will examine the "push and pull” effect of the painted two-dimensional surface; the performative power of paintings’ structures, fragments and use of space within the perceived painted frame, and the relating inherent surrounds.

A practical, hands-on workshop

Practical, hands-on (group and individual) exercises will kick-start the course, e.g., effecting pigment, use of grounds, surface and layering with new possibilities for handling and applying materials. Experimentation will invite participants to further examine the paintings’ traits: colour and light; shape and line; space and scale; surface and spatial depth; and illusion, allusion and expression.

Two weeks full of creativity, techniques, exchange & input

Over the two-week period, artist Alex Roberts will provide you with the opportunity to work both collaboratively and individually to discover new methods and materials, extend technical skills and expand current methodologies and experiences – and to share these experiences with others. In addition, we will benefit from the vast cultural options in Weimar: We will be able to view the exclusive collections in the Zeitgenössische Kunst and Neues Museum Weimar as well as attend a series of presentations and discourse about contemporary painting.

The course is geared towards all student groups from fields such as fine arts, visual arts, design, communication, and architecture.

Alex Roberts | https://www.alexroberts.com/

Alex Roberts is a British artist, a collaborative researcher who curates, and an educator. She lives and works between Berlin and the UK.

Alex works with paint and translucence, addressing paintings’ surface, layers and spatial depth, via the play of colour and immediacy of marks. Testing the sliding scale of figuration and abstraction, her focus is how we perceive identity, change, and encounters – human tangibility.

Born in Rickmansworth, Alex gained her Masters in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, along with previous study at the University of Arts London: 2D Digital Design for Communication, following a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from The University of Reading.  Alex holds an accredited teaching and learning Fellowship (FHEA) from Advance HE.

Alex works as a Lecturer in Fine Art at Leicester School of Art, De Montfort University and as a Lecturer at Bauhaus Summer School, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (2019), alongside supporting Drawing Projects UK and The Drawing Week, Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University as a visiting artist tutor.  Specialisms: painting, drawing, fine art; often working with an array of students from architecture to painting.

She exhibits internationally. Curating and facilitating visual art projects is a research method, an extension of her studio practice.  Her broad interest ranges from painting, drawing to installation, as well as other forms of visual exchange.


Selected out of thousand applicants, Alex has been shortlisted for the "Wells Art Contemporary". What a well-deserved honor!

+++ Course 2021 cancelled +++

Due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus in Europe and worldwide, this course will not take place in 2021.


Lecturer Alex Roberts shortlisted for Wells Art Contemporary (WAC)!

Alex Roberts is one of the 122 artists selected out of thousands of applicants to take part in the open exhibition and award show "Wells Art Contemporary" supported by the Arts Council England. The international open competition for visual art based in Wells, Somerset, UK has already established a strong presence in the British art world.

Last year's lecturer of the Bauhaus Summer School course "Stretching Klee's Line" says about the WAC: "I am really chuffed to have my work, Midpoint II selected for @wellsartcontemporary 2020. To test your work in an international, open competition is always energising and I am looking forward to seeing/ sharing/ being a part of the line up of artists."

After a short pause due to this year's situation, Alex will return as a Bauhaus Summer School lecturer, offering the amazing course "Free your painting!".

We are so proud to have her back in the team!