»Character Art«

Discover and create unique and mythical characters.

Character Art and Design is dedicated to the art and development of figurative, character driven visuals as a form of distinct graphic expression. Character creations are a vital component of illustration, graphic design, fine art and sculpture, advertising, animated film, picture-books, comics, street art and much more. 

This creative, multi-faceted and character-driven visual art course is a rich opportunity to look at the world in a new, figurative way. In the first course phase „Character Development” you learn to see and recognize how characters, faces and quirky creatures can be found were originally not intended to convey them. 

This workshop challenges all participants to create a substantial compound of vivid and unique characters that come to life by various materials and artistic techniques. Using varied visualisation tools and mark making techniques such as sketching, drawing, sculpting, taking photographs e.g. helps to improve your visual narrative, illustrative and communication skills. In the following course sections „Character Volume” und „Character Play” you will move your character creation into 3-dimensional sphere and learn how to orchestrate it.

It is ultimately all about you: happy to try out new things and in quest of your very own graphic, artistic voice. In doing so, participants are being encouraged to explore a structured and systematic approach, as well as a highly intuitive and playful one.

Supporting and promoting everyone's artistic growth and creative endeavor lies at the core of the 2-week course. As every participant has his/her own cultural background and biography, the course is designed to enable a multicultural and artistic exchange among all attendees. Hence, everyone is warmly invited to share unique perspectives and inject into the debate regarding character culture. To promote the goal, we regularly practice feedback and presentation sessions, both group-based and one-to-one tutoring and as much as needed. 

We conclude the course with a presentation and exhibition of the works produced, and share both: the process (work stages, sketches, research material) and results to the audience. 

Learning Objectives:

  • The course »Character Art« teaches the vital role and creative potential of character-driven visual art and expand your knowledge about international character art and design scenes. You will realize that the use of different materials, techniques and approaches will result in a broad spectrum of creations.
  • Participants are challenged to brainstorm and generate ideas relevant for the given task, imagining and hypothesising solutions/practical outcomes, and thus creating distinct solutions.

The course language is English.

Please contact us if you would like personal consultation. We will be happy to help you.

This course is open to all dedicated students who are currently studying at a University of Art and Design  (BA and MFA programmes) and/or have a passionate interest and artistic ability in the world of illustration, graphic art/design and character art/design.

The course language is English. Good knowledge of English is essential for a successful course completion.


All participants will need the following skills/tools for a successful course experience:

  • enthusiasm for the creative use of analogue and digital methods
  • Preferably basic drawing and photography skills
  • Ability to reflect on and present ideas and creative work to others in English
  • Digital SLR Camera, sketchbook
  • Laptop computer with Adobe Software (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)

Sarah Hartwig

born 1984 in Berlin, is a multidisciplinary illustrator, artist, designer and educator based in Berlin, Germany. In all, Sarah Hartwig lived, studied, and worked in Berlin, as well as in Helsinki, Boston, London and Cairo. She has a degree in communication design from the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Upon graduation Sarah moved to the USA eastcoast having been awarded the prestigious DAAD Artist-Year-Grant. She holds a Master of Fine Arts terminal degree in Graphic Design from the School of Visual Arts at Boston University. Sarah has also held University Lecturer and Adjunct Professor positions at various international Institutions, such as School of Visual Arts, Boston University (USA), Graphic Design Department, German University in Cairo (Egypt) and Department Design and Culture, University of Applied Sciences Berlin (Germany).

Sarah currently lives and works in Berlin. 

1. Registration

In order to register, please complete our registration form.

2. Documents

Please submit the following documents as a pdf-file via email.

  • Curriculum vitae: max. two pages
  • English language certificate: at least level B1 or comparable
  • Letter of motivation: Why did you choose this course? (max. 500 words)
  • Portfolio: up to 3 creative projects; at best character art/illustration projects 

Please note the following points:

  • Only one pdf-file (max. 5 MB)
  • Email with subject »Application Character Art«
  • Name of pdf-file »Character_Art_family name_first name«
Only complete and correctly named applications will be considered!

3. Selection Process

All applicants will receive admission notification by 1 June 2018 via e-mail. In case of a positive answer you will receive the invoice simultaneously which you will have to pay within 10 days. If applicants fail to do this, places will be given to others on the waiting list.

If you need a VISA, we recommend you to get informed now about the requirements and to make an appointment with the German embassy in your home country.

A maximum of 12 applicants will be selected to participate in this course.

The course fee is 700 EURO.

500 EURO for students & alumni
300 EURO
discount for BUW students

The course fee includes:

  • Orientation & Support
  • Programme according to description
  • Teaching materials
  • Bauhaus Summer School ID card
  • Certificate
  • Internet access at the  Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
  • Free use of library
  • Accompanying programme (except excursions)
  • Free entrance to museums belonging to Klassik Stiftung Weimar


»Character Art«

5 - 17 August 2018

3 Credit Points (ECTS)

700 EUR regular fee
500 EUR reduced fee
300 EUR BUW fee

Application deadline extended: 24 June