Force Based Design towards Resource Efficient Construction | 18 - 30 August 2013

A steeply rising world population, economic globalization and the rapid increase of resource and energy consumption identify significant developments of our time. Against this background and in the context of sustainable fairness to future generations, there will be a greater focus on energy and ressource efficient building structures.

This interdisciplinary course aims to lay the foundations of a „force based design“ through theoretical input lectures and presentations. Varying examples will show that the efficiency of structures depends largely on the flow of forces within the structure. Possible optimisation strategies will be discussed in the light of material saving and their impact on architectural form.

This course will introduce you to the use of digital analysis and optimization tools. You will learn to deal with three-dimensional parametric software (Rhinoceros 3D, Grashopper, Sofistik, Karamba, GeometryGym, Kangaroo).

Finally, the knowledge acquired will be applied and developed in designing a wide-spanning roof structure or a slender tower.

Participants will be able to recognize the effects of forces as design parameters. They will recognize the potential of building geometry in the context of architecture and resource-efficient designs.