With your summer school ID card you will receive your login information. Then you can use computers in the library and the computer pool in the SCC for free. Please note the different opening times.
If you bring your own computer with you, you can use the WiFi-system eduroam. It works in buildings on campus and the area around but not in student housing. Eduroam is available on all devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) which are equipped with a wifi feature. 

Internet Access in student housing

Student halls are not connected to the WiFi-system eduroam. To use internet in your room you must send us your MAC address = physical address, e.g. 00-1C-BD-FD-01-7A when registering. Please note: One computer can have more than one MAC address. You can find the right MAC address under the heading "Ethernet" / "Local Area Connection". You can learn how to find your MAC address here (video 1 or video 2).

You only have internet access in student housing on your computer in your room. If you try to connect your computer in another room your account will be locked. Please bring a LAN cable with you. If your device does not have a LAN port you can use a USB-LAN adapter to make use of your LAN cable. Of course, you can also buy both devices in Weimar, e.g. in "Saturn" in Atrium shopping centre.

If you have questions or problems during your stay, please come to the Course Office! We will be happy to help you.

Internet Access in your room in a shared apartment

Private flats and single apartments have WiFi Internet access. You will find information on user name and password as well as contact information in your room.
If you have questions or problems with Internet access during you stay in your room, please ask your contact person of the flat or the single apartment.

More Questions?

This page was not helpful? You have a special inquiry? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you.