If you have booked accommodation with the Bauhaus Summer School, you should start planning your check-out in the week before departure.

Room in a shared apartment

If you are staying in a shared room or a privately rented student housing, you should get in contact with your contact person. You will find his or her contact information on the Welcome-to-Weimar sheet that was laid out ready for you in your room at the beginning of your stay. You should agree on an appointment for the contact person to check your room. During this inspection, he or she will check whether everything is okay with the room. If everything's fine, your contact person will sign the so-called walk-through certificate. On this document will also be noted where you will hand in your key - whether you leave it in the apartment or take it to the train station on the official day of departure and hand it in at the Summer School meeting point.

Student hall & low budget

If you have booked a (low budget) room in the student hall, you will be asked to write down your departure time in a list in the week before departure. Either your tutor will hand out a list in your course, or you can come to the course office and sign the list there. Before departure you will be contacted by the Summer School to arrange a room check. If everything's okay, you will get the signed so-called walk-through certificate. You should bring this signed certificate, together with the room key, to the meeting point at the Weimar train station on the official day of departure. You should leave your accommodation by 12 noon on the day of departure. When you leave your room for the last time, don't forget to empty the trash, close the window and switch off the light.


Early or late departure: If you wish to leave earlier, please contact the person of the Summer School team responsible for accommodation. He or she will then try to arrange everything accordingly.
Please note that it is not possible to stay longer in your accommodation.

If you want to stay in Weimar a little bit longer, you can look for accommodation on the website of the city of Weimar.


Official departure day is on Saturday after the end of each term.

On Saturday, August 15 and on Saturday, August 29 between 9:00 and 15:00, the Bauhaus Summer School organized a departure service at Weimar Central Station. At our meeting point our team will be available for all last questions!

If you have booked your accommodation with the Summer School, you can hand in your signed walk-through certificate as well as your key. In return, you will get your deposit back. Please note that the deposit can only be refunded in cash and not by later bank transfer.

We wish you a wonderful return journey and would be happy to welcome you back in Weimar one day!

Travel Routes

By plane
If you are planning your return by plane, Erfurt, Leipzig, Frankfurt or Berlin are the best places to depart. From Weimar you will find convenient train connections to these cities.

By train
From Weimar you can easily and quickly reach Berlin (2.5 h), Frankfurt/Main (2.5 h), Leipzig (1 h) or Erfurt (15 min).

Helpful links: Time Table of Deutsche Bahn (German Railway Network) ; Saver Fare Finder

By car
Weimar is close to the A4 motorway (exit Weimar). This can easily be reached from the A7 motorway (Kirchheimer Dreieck) and the A9 motorway (Hermsdorfer Kreuz).