Shared Apartment

WG Wohngemeinschaft (Flatshare)

Single Rooms, fully furnished
Shared bathroom and kitchen
Gender: Mixed gender
Location: Centre

‘’We share not only our home, but also share our life.’’

WG refers to an abbreviation of the German word, Wohngemeinschaft, namely ‘flatshare’ or ‘shared apartment’. Most students in Germany share a flat during their university years. We offer rooms in a flatshare for you to experience the German way of living as a student.

The rooms are offered from local residents like students or sometimes families. Your roommates would be mixed of gender. They would be local Germans, German students, international students, or it is possible that your flat mates are on holiday during that time. In that case, the owners of the room or their roommates will leave you with some instructions.

Please notice that Living in a WG is an experience of Living as a German student. Every room has a unique style of its owner and represents their creativity. Furniture and decorations are not standardised but you live in someones home for a while.

A lot of our Summer School students find this living experience very rewarding! 

The offers of WG spaces are limited. We do the matching after confirming your reservation. Please notice that we may consider some specific requests but cannot guarantee that the rooms will match all of your specific expectations.

Facilities: In your WG you will find a shared kitchen and bathroom, bed with bedsheets, pillow, blanket with covers, internet access (WiFi), provisions for cooking and laundry. Items for personal hygiene such as towel, hairdryer, adapter or detergents may not be included.

Rules or Duties: Every WG has their own rules. For example: no smoking; no party or loud music after 00:00 (Ruhezeit); no touching of private belongings (Instruments, Photo album), Cleanliness (Cleaning plan); sharing of some basic supplies (Toilet paper, food); watering the plants; only vegetarian food in the apartment; no shoes inside the apartment; no entering the basement or some rooms.etc.

The most important thing in a WG is: respecting, valuing and understanding each other. That way, you and your flatmates can have a great time together!