Shared Apartment

Most students in Germany live in so-called Wohngemeinschaften (WGs) - shared flats. Often two to six people - usually a mixture of women and men - share a flat. Each person has a room of their own, and the kitchen and bathroom/WC are used by everyone.

Since many students leave Weimar in summer for semester break, they rent their rooms out to the Bauhaus Summer School for this time. These rooms are available for you.

Living together

Many participants describe life in a shared flat as a great & valuable part of their Bauhaus Summer School experience!

When living together in a shared flat, the athmoshere is mostly friendly and familiar. Flatmates usually treat each other with respect and trust. Things and tasks in the household are shared. As a temporary flatmate, you should pay attention to cleanliness and careful handling of the household items.

The absent room owners leave their furnishings and sometimes also personal belongings in their/your room - these things should also be treated with respect and care.

As living together is based on trust, the rooms are usually not lockable. Don't worry: In the past there have never been any kind of problems in this regard.


Duvet and bed linen will be provided for you. The kitchen is usually equipped with everything you need. Towels must be brought by yourself.


Most shared rooms are centrally located. Since Weimar is quite small, almost everything can be reached by walking or by bus. With your participant ID you can use the city buses free of charge.

General information

Before arrival, it is unfortunately not possible to provide more detailed information on accommodation - e.g. in terms of address or flatmates.

You can make your room reservation during registration.

If you have any questions or would like personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Cost per person

SHARED APARTMENT room rates correspond to the length of your stay and

  • include Internet in your room (own computer must be brought along)
  • include sheets, pillow and blanket
  • do not include towels

2 weeks Aug 01 – Aug 15: 250 EURO
2 weeks Aug 15 – Aug 29: 250 EURO
4 weeks Aug 01 – Aug 29: 350 EURO

  • plus an additional security deposit of 50 EURO which will be paid back on departure after returning the keys.

Good to Know

  • If you book a room with us, we guarantee accommodation during your course stay. We will do our best to fulfil the category request.
  • However:
    If there are not enough rooms in one category, the room category and therefore the price may change. We will inform you of any changes in due time.
  • We will inform you by e-mail if you cannot be accommodated in the desired category.
  • We try to allocate the rooms according to the date of registration. This means that the earlier you register, the more likely we can fulfil your category request.
  • Any additional payments or refunds resulting from a change of category will be paid in cash in the course office during the first week of the Course Office.
  • Before arrival, more detailed information on accommodation - such as address etc. - is unfortunately not possible. The exact address of your accommodation will be given to you upon arrival.
  • If you have booked your accommodation with us, you can use our free shuttle service on the day of arrival - we will take you and your luggage directly to your accommodation.
  • If you arrive in Weimar before the official arrival time, you can look for accommodation on the website of Weimar.
  • You should leave your accommodation by 12 noon on the day of departure. Please plan your departure accordingly.