Summer School Parties

Three big events traditionally take place during the Bauhaus Summer School.


Sunday, 6 August | 18.30 

Our first party welcomes all the participants to Weimar. You’ll discover that music and good food are the best ice-breakers. Everyone comes wearing the colours or traditional costumes of their home country.


Friday, 18 August | 16.00

At half-time of Bauhaus Summer School we will be celebrating. It’s the last party for some participants, but for others, it marks the half-way point. Special feature: Let's celebrate at the "Open Ateliers" of our specialized courses and afterwards we will all join the grand opening of the art festival at the Theaterplatz in Weimar - A lot of fun for everyone involved!


Friday, 1 September | 19.00

Four exciting weeks coming to an end. At our farewell party you can exchange telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, and celebrate the final hours of the Bauhaus Summer School together. And as always, dancing is strongly encouraged!


You are interested in a specialised or language course and want to apply? Don´t miss to register for an excursion as well. Great leisure activities guaranteed!

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