Creative Day at Bauhaus


102 years of Bauhaus!

In 1919, the Bauhaus was founded in Weimar - reason enough to spend a day looking for traces of the Bauhaus!

Practical work in the workshops is considered the heart of education at the Bauhaus. That's why you too can get active: In cooperation with the Klassik-Stiftung Weimar, we invite you to exciting workshops at the newly opened Bauhaus Museum!
Inspired by the Bauhaus masters László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee or Hannes Meyer, you will deal with various aspects of the Bauhaus - not only theoretically, but also practically!

In addition to tracing the Bauhaus spirit in your own hands, we will also send you on a discovery tour of Weimar:

Discover the Weimar Bauhaus with us!


Workshop Appointment | to be announced