Film Night

As every year the communal cinema mon ami in cooperation with the Bauhaus Summer School will show several movies in their original language with german or english subtitles. 

There is no entrance fee for participants of the Bauhaus Summer School!

Please show your student ID card at the ticket venue and be there 15 minutes before the movie starts.

International Gaming Night

Make your learning process a game! What is the best way to get to know you and your home country? Correct, the best way is to play games. 

So, that is why you have the opportunity to participate in an international gaming night, where you can meet other people from different courses. We want to create a casual and funny atmosphere while playing party games from around the world. Therefore, we need you to show us your favourite game from your country. The purpose of this event is to overcome language barriers in a playful way. 

We look forward to playing with you! True to the motto: Let the games begin!

International Food Evening

We all know it: nothing brings people together and guarantees good times like a delicious meal. Take a break from the food at the Mensa and the Bratwurst you can get on every corner, and decide for yourself what´s on the table. What better way to get to know people from other cultures than by sharing food?  We invite you to the International Food Evening to meet other students at Bauhaus Summer School who are in different courses. Please prepare the food at home and take it with you so that we all can sample the delight of various cuisines.

The International Food Evening takes place on every Thursday evening during Bauhaus Summer School. We'll announce the locations in advance.


You are interested in a specialised or language course and want to apply? Don´t miss to register for an excursion as well. Great leisure activities guaranteed!

Rubber Boat Tour
Bicycle Tour