The City of Weimar

Despite its relatively small size and picture-book qualities, Weimar is by no means a sleepy, backwater town. And although it’s famous for Goethe, Schiller and the Bauhaus, Weimar has something for everyone - whether you’re an art and culture lover, night owl, sport enthusiast or gourmet. And all of this in downtown Weimar where nothing is further away than a ten-minute walk. You can look forward to visiting more than 20 museums, four cinemas, the Deutsches Nationaltheater, several small theatre venues, student clubs and concert events.
In the following, you’ll find a small selection of interesting places in Weimar which we strongly recommend discovering for yourself. Have fun!

Weimar is influenced by various cultural events throughout the year. Such as the Yiddish Summer or the Kunstfest Weimar up to the biggest fair of Thuringia: the famous "Zwiebelmarkt". In addition to that, you are invited to visit one of the local theaters, like the "Deutsches Nationaltheater". Who rather likes to watch a movie will find four cinemas in Weimar. They offer Hollywood movies as well as short films made by famous directors.




If you think Thuringians eat Bratwurst and potato dumplings only, you are completly wrong. Weimar offers a various number of restaurants with international cuisine. You can have a French evening with Coq au vin and Cidre, a chopstick fight at the sushi bar or traditional Turkish kebab. And who is looking to snack on something can have a Curry- or a Bratwurst. The atmosphere of the cafés, pubs and bars ranges from "gemütlich" to stylish modern. A special place for students is the s140 Café close to the university.




Pubs and Bars:


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Weimar is situated not only in the heart of Germany, but also in the heart of Thuringia. It is also surrounded by a number of other interesting cities. You can reach the state capitol of Erfurt and the university city of Jena with a short train ride -- and the ride is free with your summer school ID.

The Wartburg in Eisenach, the Bauhaus in Dessau or the classic cities of Dresden and Leipzig are only 1-2 hours, Berlin 2,5 hours away from Weimar by train.

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