Lykke (Denmark)

»When I got to know about the architecture course in Weimar, I was sure to apply. The Bauhaus era is so fascinating for me! To participate to a course in this historical place was perfect. And my expectations were completely fulfilled. We have worked with students from all over the world and excellent lecturers on creative solutions to combine light and architecture. That was so inspiring to me!«

Giovanni (Italy)

»All people here were very friendly to me and my teacher was so funny! It is awesome to learn something by having fun! I really like Germany!!«

Julia (Russia)

»I love the Summer School! The people and teachers are very nice and my German got a lot better.«

Soichiro (Japan)

»I think the Summer School was very enjoyable, it is fun to meet people from around the world and to study with them. Even class is so much fun in Weimar!«