The Bauhaus Summer School

... is the international summer programme of the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

and offers courses in

Choose from our many language and specialised courses! The course overview will give you a comprehensive view.

... is open to prospective students, undergraduate and graduate students.

Each year approximately 400 participants from 70 countries around the world create a unique intercultural atmosphere. Be a part of the experience and make friendships that will last a lifetime!

... is a great opportunity to get to know Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

and to connect to an international network and broaden your cultural and academic horizons. Take this chance!

... is a source of inspiration and an unforgettable experience for a lifetime.

Experiences you will make with taking part in Bauhaus Summer School will give you new ideas and enrich your life. Get inspired!

Would you like to learn more? Discover the diverse programme of courses and events offered at the Bauhaus Summer School! Experience the beauty of Weimar, the city of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Bauhaus!

Bauhaus Summer School participants in the main building of the university; photo: B. Proschak
Insight of a Bauhaus Summer School specialised course; photo: B. Proschak
1. The City of Weimar

Weimar is a symbolic city with a rich history. Weimar’s cultural life unfolds between Goethe & Schiller and Bauhaus, between Buchenwald Memorial and Schloss Ettersburg (only German). Through its countless museums, four cinemas (only German), the German National Theater (only German) and its diverse performance and music scene, Weimar offers hundreds of events each month.

Bauhaus Summer School connects to those possibilities and creates a diverse programme that you can tailor to your interests. You can participate in many of the events at a reduced cost or free of charge with your Bauhaus Summer School ID.

2. The Lecturers

All of our lecturers are experienced, engaged and professionally trained and ready to have fun! Learn a language with a native-speaker instructor or pick up a specialty subject in a different way, in a relaxed learning environment, inspiring excursions, picnics in the park and a lot of dancing at the traditional Bauhaus Summer School parties.

All the lecturers do their best to help make your time in Weimar unforgettable. Furthermore, all language course instructors are native speakers of their teaching language.

3. The Organisers

Our team cares about each participant, something that becomes clear before you ever arrive in Weimar. We gladly take the time to personally answer all questions and emails. Whether by post or by phone, we do our best to help you with any questions, concerns or issues you might have.

We personally meet you on the day of arrival and take you to your housing. In order to help you get settled in and become familiar with your daily routine in Weimar, we offer an orientation day before the course begins. You’ll also meet your tutor and other participants there. Furthermore, you can reach us during the whole Bauhaus Summer School in August 24 hours a day.

We look forward to welcoming you in Weimar and sharing an unforgettable summer with you!

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