23/03 - 01/04/22

Listening with Eyes, Seeing with Ears

Listening with Eyes, Seeing with Ears

Open your ears. Widen your eyes. Right now, what do you hear? Can you describe the sound?  Learn how to expand your perception: listening, seeing and more.

This course invites you to attentive listening and seeing.

Getting to know Weimar with your ears and eyes. The course is a site-specific learning opportunity: the city of Weimar is our playground.

Field Work:

We will visit various locations.

Some are lively, some are quiet.

e.g. City Center, Station, Cemetery, University Library, etc.

We will make sound sketches - write down or make drawings of the sound you hear. The lecturer would give specific instructions.

Audio visual Works:

Make short video and sound recordings like a diary during the stay in Weimar, Also, take “sound pictures” - how can we take a picture of the sound?

Sound Performance:

This course emphasizes, not only observing our environment, but also we can become a part of the sound landscape! Just with any sound objects, we would make sound performance and develop it to the group performances. This activity can be done both inside and outside.

Each meeting, we will spend time to exchange the experiences: What did you discover? How do you hear and see the environment differently now?

In the end of the Spring School, we will exhibit the result and present sound performance.


Virtual Seminar is a good Introduction to get to know the concept ”how to enhance your perception”. We will prepare well, so that after arriving in Weimar, we can get started smoothly. The lecturer offers several interesting and playful exercises, which can be realised via video-seminar.

This course includes an attendance phase in Weimar from March 23 to April 1, 2022.

Bachelor or Master

Knowledge of music or visual arts is not necessary

Makiko Nishikaze

Studied composition at Aichi University of Arts in Japan, at Mills College in California, and

at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin.

Diplom. Composition


Active as Composer, Media Artist, Performer, based in Berlin.




Associate professor at Wakayama University, Faculty of Education, specializing composition and experimental music.


Part time lecturer at the Universität der Künste Berlin.



Part time lecturer at the Bauhaus-University Weimar,

Faculty of Media, and 2022-23 research fellow, working on the Project “Lernen am Objekt”(Leranraum.Bauhaus)

Conducting many Community Art Projects, Workshops in Europa and Japan.

The course fee is 300 EURO. Participants, coming from the partner universites in the framework of Erasmus BIP scholarship and the BUW students don't pay the course fee.


Please note our terms and conditions (admission conditions, cancellation conditions etc.)


Part I: Online Phase
Please consult the online schedule on Moodle
Online Phase

Part II: on site in Weimar
March 23 to April 1, 2023



The course language is English.