23/03 - 01/04/22

Writing about your own artistic practice!

Writing about your own artistic practice!

“Please include an abstract about your artistic practice!” But how do I write about my own artistic practice?

The request to include a text about your own artistic practice is common in proposals for stipends, artist residencies and exhibitions. In six online meetings in January and February 2023 we will read artists’ manifestos, abstracts for open-calls, academic texts, press information, gallery texts and analyse artist presentations on Social Media, to obtain a theoretical and practical overview of various text forms in the artistic field. Subsequently you focus on writing about your own art: What context is the text for? For whom do I write? What does the reader need to know about my work? Which terms do I use and need to explain? Which images do I include? Accompanied by personal online feedback (via E-Mail or BigBlueButton) in February and early March 2023 where we discuss your texts, before meeting in person. In our one week Weimar Writing Retreat in March 2023 we work alone, in small groups and altogether on your texts. We analyse and optimize your text in an open creative atmosphere in various places in Weimar. After finishing the workshop you can present a full text on your artistic practice, usable in various contexts. This workshop has a focus on the visual arts, but is open to Architects, Designers and all other disciplines.

This course includes an attendance phase in Weimar from March 23 to April 01, 2023.

This course is intended for all students from visual artists, also open for architects, designers and other artistic disciplines. 

Christian Sinn (*1974) works as visual artist, art researcher and curator in Berlin.

In November 2015 he finished his Master of Arts in Art History in a Global Context with Concentration: Europe and America at Free University in Berlin. Since 2017 he works on his practice-based PhD project ‘The Plasticity of Photography’ at Bauhaus-University Weimar. In his research he focuses on the history, theory and phenomenology of photography, the art history of contemporary art and Sensual Realism. In his interdisciplinary artistic practice he focuses on the relationship between the work of art and the spectator and this leads the perception to the space between the work of art and the spectator. The existing dichotomy between distance and closeness is therefore more extensively experienced, dissolving the bodily passive reception of art.

Your application should be submitted until November 6th, 2022
Required application documents:

Maximum number of participants: 25

The course fee is 300 EURO. Participants, coming from the partner universites in the framework of Erasmus BIP scholarship and the BUW students don't pay the course fee.


Please note our terms and conditions (admission conditions, cancellation conditions etc.)


Get to know the course: 26.10.2022 at 18.00 CET via BBB

Part I:
11.01.2023 Artist Statement
18.01.2023 Work text
25.01.2023 Academic text
01.02.2023 Press release
08.02.2023 Artists interview
15.02.2023 Social Media
Online Phase

Part II:
March 23 to April 1, 2023
Presence Phase (on sight in Weimar)



The course language is English.