10/03 - 19/03/22

International 24h Urban Design Hackathon

Reanimate the Dinosaur 3rd Edition

Corona has revealed: an online urban design studio is possible. Technically advanced online teaching is offering a unique opportunity for international collaboration - the Urban Design Hackathon. The Urban Design Hackathon is a 24h online workshop for international students from European universities.

Following the motto ‘Reanimate the dinosaur’, students are invited to develop future scenarios for obsolete structures of the urban environment while testing a new format of digital teaching and international collaboration.

The object of the first edition was the soon-to-be-closed Karstadt department store building in the lively district of Wedding, Berlin. In the second edition, students were asked to propose an urban transformation for Charité’s former animal testing laboratory, also known as “Mäusebunker.”

The third edition will take place in November 2021. This time our dinosaur is the ICC- International Congress Centrum in Westend, Berlin. The workshop will then be followed by a presence phase in March 2022, where we will get to know our dinosaurs, discuss the resulting projects and lessons learned, and organize an on-site exhibition.

This course includes a 5-day attendance phase in Weimar from March 10 to March 18, 2022.

Bachelor (from the 2nd year) and Master Architecture and Urban Design students

  • Martina Maldaner Jacobi
  • Teresa Calix (University of Porto)
  • Rodrigo Coelho (University of Porto)
  • Pola Rebecca Koch (BUW)
  • Stefan Signer (BUW)
  • Steffen de Rudder (BUW)

Your application should be submitted until October 31, 2022
Required application documents:

  • Portfolio (please specify e.g. presentation of  two projects with photos, sketches, texts)
  • 40-second self introduction video with the following information: NameUniversityCurrent City, Where would you like to live? and Why would you like to participate?

Please apply here:


Part I:
November 19 to November 21, 2022
Online Phase

Part II:
March 10 to March 18, 2022
Presence Phase (on sight in Weimar)



The course language is English.