10/03 - 19/03/22

Bodyspace | Spacebody

Bodyspace | Spacebody

The course aims to develop a spatial idea in groups where body awareness plays a crucial role in space. We attempt to explore corporeal content through multiple aspects in a spatial composition context. The workshop offers a general overview of and an introduction to the broad range of creative training as well as possible fields in which students may engage in the future. Students will be provided with a grounding in the interdisciplinary nature of the work of architects and designers about space and body movement in current as well as future professional practice. Training in the flexibility of approaches and spatial awareness will also be offered.

In the Bodyspace – Spacebody program, we explore the functions and the design of spaces in an authentic Bauhaus building and how these affect our bodies. The essence of architectural space is described in three levels of space:

  1. The Skin
  2. The Clothing
  3. The Building / the Interior Space

During the workshop, the inner space of the body is related to the structure, colour and surface, the light and shadow of the built space. There will be an attempt to “decode” the different journeys that can be taken within a building. How did the architect function as a choreographer for the users of the building?

This course includes a 5-day attendance phase in Weimar from March 10 to March 18, 2022.

Bachelor-Students – Architecture / Interior Design.

Dr. Ing. Luise Nerlich 

1977, Weimar
Architect, Lecturer, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Manolis Iliakis

1973, Tripolis-Peloponnese, GR Architect-Spatial Designer, Interior Design Pathway Leader, VAKALO Art & Design College in Athens.


Part I:
Februar 2022 (1,5 hours per week)

Part II:
March 10 to March 18, 2022
Presence Phase (on sight in Weimar)



The course language is English.