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SoSe 2021

Critical VR Lab I - Unity Introduction - Einzelansicht

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Veranstaltungsart Werk-/Fachmodul SWS 4
Veranstaltungsnummer 320250005 Max. Teilnehmer/-innen 15
Semester WiSe 2020/21 Zugeordnetes Modul
Erwartete Teilnehmer/-innen
Hyperlink https://youtu.be/sbhbC5y-jpI
Weitere Links https://www.uni-weimar.de/kunst-und-gestaltung/wiki/GMU:Critical_VR_Lab_I_-_Unity_Introduction
Sprache englisch
Termine Gruppe: [unbenannt]
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Lehrperson Bemerkung fällt aus am Max. Teilnehmer/-innen
Einzeltermine anzeigen
Do. 15:30 bis 18:30 wöch. von 05.11.2020     


Gruppe [unbenannt]:

Zugeordnete Personen
Zugeordnete Personen Zuständigkeit
Brinkmann, Jörg
keine öffentliche Person
Abschluss Studiengang Semester Leistungspunkte
Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation (B.F.A.), PV29 - 6
Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation (B.A.), PV16 - 6
Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation (B.A.), PV13 - 6
Diplom Freie Kunst (Dipl.), PV25 - 6
Bachelor Mediengestaltung (B.F.A.), PV27 - 6
Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation (B.F.A.), PV28 - 6
Bachelor Visuelle Kommunikation (B.A.), PV19 - 6
Bachelor Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung (B.F.A.), PV29 - 6
Bachelor Medienkunst/Mediengestaltung (B.F.A.), PV19 - 6
Zuordnung zu Einrichtungen
Gestaltung medialer Umgebungen

Critical VR Lab I – Unity Introduction is a beginner module that offers an Introduction to the Unity game engine. The whole course will be taught online. Participants will be introduced to Unity through video tutorials, accompanied by PDFs and it will be possible to communicate through online meetings and individual consultations.


The course will be taught in two phases:

In phase one participants will be introduced to an overview of the Unity interface and different techniques (Lights, Skyboxes, Prefabs, Timeline, Animation). The learning phase will be accompanied by lectures and discussions that are focused on finding strategies for dealing with the possibilities and challenges of working artistically with Game Engines and VR technologies. At the end of phase one, students will have created an experience with Unity and documented it on our GMU Wiki-Page. In phase two students are challenged to reflect, discuss, rethink and rework their Unity experience, based on individual research and experienced insights.


The course emphasises on artistic and opposing ways of working with Virtual Reality concepts. It’s aim is to establish individual approaches to VR, a challenging medium which offers artists new possibilities for expression and intercultural communication, especially at times of the Corona Crisis which creates new challenges to the way we interact with each other. Please watch the video for more information.


Recommended Requirements:

No previous knowledge of Unity or other 3D software is needed, but applicants should have access to the Internet, a Computer and Headphones.


Communication throughout the semester:

Please have a look at GMU:Critical VR Lab I on our Wiki-page for more information about the class (You can find the link in the description). Channels of communication will be the GMU-Wiki-Page, Email, Telegram and BigBlueButton for online meetings and consultations.


- complete exercises and comply with submission deadlines

- develop and document your own project on the GMU Wiki



Keine Einordnung ins Vorlesungsverzeichnis vorhanden. Veranstaltung ist aus dem Semester WiSe 2020/21 , Aktuelles Semester: SoSe 2021

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