Foreign in the German culture

  • Are you wondering why Germans set such a high value
    on punctuality?
  • Are you wondering why Germans put so much emphasis on punctuality?
  • Do you want to share your experiences with other
    international students?

Our intercultural trainings and workshops can  help you to become more familiar with the ‘German work ethos’, the German culture and its flaws and likable features. In mixed workshops, international AND German students can  participate and are able to exchange  experiences and cultural differences.

  Interested in intercultural team work

  • Are you interested in how to work in international teams?
  • Are you confused about misunderstandings in intercultural teams?
  • Do you want to learn more about intercultural aspects
    of communication and behavior?

As a German student, the intercultural workshops may help you to convey your intercultural understanding concerning your own cultural identity as well as foreign cultures. In step with actual practice and experience-oriented exercises as well as role plays, the intercultural trainings offer you a solid base to be prepared for intercultural collaborations at University or at work.

The Intercultural Trainings and Workshops take place during the semester. They are held by specialists of versatile cultural realms who aim for a deliberate awareness for cultural situations and specific cultures. If you want more information  about the upcoming workshop, check WIN or your newsletter curious@bout Weimar.