Bauhaus Internationals has been a good platform for us who come from different countries outside Germany to feel welcome and comfortable here. It is our hope that these kinds of activities will be encouraged and supported so that more students can explore, share and learn many life changing experiences in Weimar.

Shubira from Tanzania

Find new friends in Weimar and friends around the world! Your German buddy can help you settle more quickly. Your international buddy can open a door to other cultures and new perspectives. Come along on an exciting journey to discover what we have in common and what makes us so different!

Learn languages with a partner! Our Tandem Programme allows you to practice your foreign language skills with a native speaker in a relaxed setting, talking about topics that are interesting for both of you. It’s certainly more fun than revising vocabulary words all by yourself!

Our programme brings you in contact with citizens and families of Weimar who are interested in learning more about foreign cultures. By doing things together, you can learn about the German way of life. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for everyone as you share experiences and form wonderful friendships.