Latitude: 50° 33' 0.2" N

Longitude: 12° 16' 56.7" E

Altitude: 454 meters

Climate change poses non-negligible risks to the built environment. Global warming and changes in the climate system, e.g. heat waves, extreme rainfall, floods, landslides, droughts and water scarcity, increasingly affect the safety and resilience of built environment, entailing consequent risks posed to human individuals and the general public. Aiming at mitigating the risks, the goal of this project is to analyse the effects of climatic changes to the built environment, such as buildings and civil infrastructure, and to develop sustainable measures towards structural adaptations of the built environment to the impacts of the changed climate. Emphasis is put on adaptations with respect to static and dynamic behaviour, indoor comfort, and energy efficiency of residential and industrial buildings. In part of the project, the Chair of Advanced Structures at the Bauhaus University Weimar deployed a weather station for the long term monitoring of a reference structure to extreme climatic loads. This weather station uses Davis VantagePro2 hardware, controlled by “weewx”, an experimental weather software program written in Python.





Wind Speed

1.03 m/s
10min. Mean

0.89 m/s

1.34 m/s
10min. Max

Total Precipitation

0.0 mm/h

0.0 mm

Wind Speed
Total Precipitation