Space for Visual Research 2

The Space for Visual Research (SfVR) is a platform for experimental image production. Established as an extracurricular laboratory at the Bauhaus University Weimar back in 2013, it encourages graphic designers to explore alternative modes of making and expand their creative repertoire.

Published by Spector Books, the research lab’s eponymous logbook Space for Visual Research Vol. 2 is now about to be launched in its second edition. An extended version of its predecessor, it combines a new selection of science-inspired visual experiments with a comprehensive series of conversations, essays, and artist contributions.

Connected by the common objective to open up new vistas in contemporary image making, creative practitioners such as Dirk Fleischmann, Amos Fricke, Ken Hollings, Casey Reas, Cybu Richli, and Martin Venezky open up the space, providing insight into related approaches in the educational, professional and broader socio-philosophical context.

Language: English
Pages: 248 pages
Format: 22.5 cm × 32.0 cm
Price: 26 Euros
Edition: 1250
Publisher: Spector Books

ISBN: 978-3-95905-168-2

Editors-in-chief: Markus Weisbeck, Anna Sinofzik, Adrian Palko
Graphic Design: Enno Pötschke

With contributions by: Christoph Blankenburg, Florian Bräunlich,
Dirk Fleischmann, Matthias Dörfelt, Julieta Gil, Sophia Gräfe, Ken Hollings,
Katharina Hüttler, Verena Kalser, Franzi Kohlhoff, Sascha Krischock,
Philotheus Nisch, Michael Ott, Elisabeth Pichler, Casey Reas, Cybu Richli,
Johannes Rinkenburger, Max Salzborn, Anna Sinofzik, Samuel Solazzo,
Karl Schawelka, Mathias Schmitt, Anna Teuber, Jakob Treß, Martin Venezky,
Moritz Wehrmann, Robin Weißenborn, Markus Weisbeck, and David Wicks.

Press contact: Sophia Gräfe (
Distribution: Spector Books (

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© 2017
Bauhaus University Weimar Faculty of Art and Design Visual Communication

Supported by: Bauhaus Transferzentrum Design

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Robin Weißenborn, Samuel Solazzo, Jakob Tress: Zerrspiegel, 2016