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Rise and Resist – brazilians againgst fascim

Rise and Resist is a initiative from Brazilians against fascism trying to explain the current political situation in Brazil.

Divided in four different blocks, we present a brief historical introduction, a contextualisation of current events, the 2018 election, and the resistance of threatened groups such as LGBTQ+, Black and Indigenous. None of the participants are historians, sociologists or have studied political science, we are just trying to share what we know from our perspective.
We will be promoting a open round table for talking and discussing actions against fascism in Der Laden on the 7th of November at 19h00, this is also an open invitation to join us!


  1. Gal Costa – Divino, Maravilhoso
  2. Linn da Quebrada – Bixa Preta
  3. Clara Nunes – O Canto das Três Raças
  4. Francisco El Hombre – Bolsonada
  5. Teto Preto – Gasolina

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Participants: Matheus Opa, Pedro Ramos, Sarah Alvim and Suelen Calonga
Technician: Laura Anh Thu Dang