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hinweis :

Memory Lanes – Binaural live Show

“Memory Lanes” is a live radio performance that will take place on the 7th of February in Studio 1 at 17:00.
While a pianist is trying to remember the Fugue in E minor by J.S. Bach, a woman in the same house tries to remember the day a 15 year old boy was killed in Athens. Over 10 years ago. Hazed, blurry and confused. Her memory lets her down. Repetition makes everything more obscure. What is real and what is not.

The performance is going to be broadcasted live binaurally from Bauhaus.Fm, so do not forget to wear your headphones!

Artist: Lefteris Krysalis

Voices: Elina Varouxaki
Piano: Kassiani Goulakou
Poster: Elina Varouxaki